How To Graph Oscilloscope Data Log In Excel

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate your oscilloscope screen, it’s possible in Excel. This example re-graphs both analog and digital waveforms. And this is how to do it:

Step #1
First, log data. Then, email that data to a device thatĀ has Excel. The data log will be in *.csv file format.

Step #2
Here’s the excel file that was used to graph the waveforms. Please use it as a reference. The analog is a bit easier than the digital. The digital waveforms require Rows 4-8. Because, Excel isn’t smart enough to translate hexadecimals and you are.
File Graph_Oscilloscope_CSV_DataLog_20171012.xlsx

Step #3
Plot the graph. Now, you can both post-process the data and re-visualize it for your viewing pleasure!!


Analog – Post Processed (via Excel)

DigitalĀ – Post Processed (via Excel)